When organizations must make source code changes or migrate applications to alternative platforms, they frequently understand what the code does. Often, the people who wrote the code have departed the organization and someone has to learn a great deal about the code to determine which code matters. This lack of application knowledge introduces significant risk to the organization.

Phase Change President Steve Brothers was recently interviewed by the devmio blog to talk about COBOL Colleague, Phase Change's upcoming product release, which assists developers in focusing on the relevant code for required source changes. In the article, "Colleague is a task-oriented tool that identifies the code that needs to be changed and helps with that change," Brothers talked about how developers can describe the application behaviour to Colleague's AI agent, and it returns only the execution-order code and requisite data needed to reproduce the behaviour.

Brothers also talked about the future of AI in software development and Phase Change's plans for its technology moving forward.

Read the entire interview here.

Todd Erickson is a Technology Writer with Phase Change. You can reach him at terickson@phasechange.ai.