Unblock Your COBOL Applications

Unblock Your COBOL Applications

COBOL Colleague is your expert companion for understanding COBOL code.

Our proprietary AI reasoning engine precisely navigates through and analyzes the intricacies of the millions of lines of code within your applications.  Developers can instantly pinpoint their desired code.

COBOL Colleague Solves Your Critical Business Problems

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The original developers are leaving -- who knows your system now?

The average age of COBOL developers is 55 years old. As they retire, knowledge about enterprise applications leaves.

Colleague reveals every business process that has ever been implemented in your code. Our AI can help you reduce the learning curve for your new developers from years to days.

It’s expensive when it is hard to understand your code.

Two-thirds (66%) of budgets are devoted to maintaining old code.

Improve developers' understanding and efficiency with Colleague and redeploy that budget to new projects.

The risk of change is holding your business back.

34% of CIOs identify the complexity of systems as the top contributors to project failure.

If you don’t understand your code, you can’t have the confidence to change it. Developers can make changes with confidence using Colleague.

Code comprehension takes longer than changing code.

Developers spend 74% of their time understanding code--not writing code. 

Colleague understands your code at machine precision & speed. Get your answer in seconds and not hours or days. Spend more time on making code changes that matter to the business & less on researching legacy code.


Your code base is millions of lines of code. Supporting the business is your primary goal.

You need to understand every business process, piece of data, or decision point embedded in your code before you can confidently manage, change, or integrate the COBOL applications at the core of the enterprise. 

Understand Code with COBOL Colleague


Colleague transforms your code into a valuable knowledge base with our logic-based reasoning engine.


The knowledge base has already mapped all possible paths.

The user queries the knowledge base with COBOL Colleague to find specific behaviors in the code.


Our unique Simulation Trace presents the lines of code in execution order that match the selected behavior.


Explore and compare different scenarios by changing conditions in real-time without getting lost.


Unlike generative AI, our technology is precise and explainable.

The intelligence of a developer amplified by our precise, logic-based AI

An unbeatable partnership




Find all the lines of code that match a relevant path and view them in execution order, without having to execute the code.

Unique Feature: Simulation Trace

Before: Developers must trace through sometimes thousands of lines of code to find the execution path that represents the behavior they care about.

Now: Colleague analyzes the knowledge base and presents the relevant lines of code in execution order. It’s like reading a story from top to bottom.

Unique Feature: View inputs and outputs; Filter for transformed outputs

Before: Developers must laboriously search the code to find the inputs and outputs in a module and understand if the data is transformed or remains static.

Now: Colleague presents all the input and output fields in an easy-to-view list. The user can toggle to quickly focus on the values that are changed.


Instantly hide the outputs that are only pass-throughs to quickly focus on the values that change. 


Apply a constraint to a field to focus on a relevant scenario based on a user's query.

Unique Feature: Query on constrained values

Before: Inspecting each decision point to see how a field’s value affects the execution path is extremely time-consuming.

Now: Colleague allows the user to select a field and add a condition (<>=) to focus on a relevant behavior. Users can simply query their AI Colleague for the condition they're investigating.

Unique Feature: Toggle a decision point

Before: Finding the relevant code is just the beginning. Developers must now analyze it to understand the cause of the behavior or understand how to effectively change it.

Now: A small change can take you down a completely new path. Change a decision point from true to false and use Simulation Tracing to instantly create a new execution path.


Simulation Trace lets users instantly compare different relevant scenarios by toggling decision points and comparing lines of code.


Change the query and compare two paths side-by-side.

Unique Feature: Compare Simulation Traces

Before: In order to find where two execution paths differ, developers have to find all of the lines of code for each scenario, unroll the loops, and understand every decision point.

Now: With Colleague, just change the query and compare two paths side-by-side. The lines of code that are different between the two execution paths are highlighted for the user. It's not just faster, it's completely precise. 

COBOL Colleague coming soon!COBOL Colleague coming soon!COBOL Colleague coming soon!

Phase Change Announces Early Access to COBOL Colleague

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