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Introducing COBOL Colleague: an AI companion that understands your COBOL code.

COBOL Colleague Solves Your Critical Business Problems

COBOL Colleague Solves Your Critical Business Problems

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Reduce Cost

Code that is difficult to understand is expensive to change. Two-thirds (66%) of budgets are devoted to maintaining old code.

Reduce Complexity

34% of CIOs identify the complexity of systems as the top contributors to project failure. The risk of change is holding your business back.

If you don’t understand your code, you can’t have the confidence to change it. Developers can make changes with confidence and precision using Colleague.

Replace Lost Knowledge

The average age of COBOL developers is 55 years old. As they retire, knowledge about enterprise applications leaves. Who knows your system now?

Colleague reveals every business process that has ever been implemented in your code. Our powerful AI can help you slash the learning curve from years to days.

Increase Productivity

Code comprehension takes longer than changing code.Developers spend 74% of their time understanding code--not writing code.

Colleague understands your code at machine speed. Swiftly deliver code changes to production so your business can continue moving forward.

Understand Code with COBOL Colleague

Understand Code with COBOL Colleague

Understand Code with COBOL Colleague

Understand Code with COBOL Colleague


Debug and Fix Faster


Quickly locate undesirable behavior, understand the root cause & impact, and apply targeted fixes efficiently.

Prove the Quality


After change, ensure that desired functionality is preserved and undesired behavior is eliminated.

Find Dead Code

Streamline and remove risk from your codebase or modernization project by identifying code that no longer provides value. 

Modernize Efficiently


Leverage insights from COBOL Colleague to make strategic modernization decisions. 

Identify your Precise Business Rules


Find and understand the critical business logic and processes, even the edge cases.   

Comply with Confidence


Verify and document application behavior against regulatory requirements. 

Your intelligence amplified by our logic-based AI

An unbeatable partnership

Unique Features

Unique Features

Unique Features

Unique Features


It’s like reading a story from top to bottom.

Unravel Complex Code Execution Paths with the Speed of AI

Problem: Your team must manually trace through thousands of lines of code to identify relevant execution paths, a process that is time-consuming and prone to errors.

Solution: Without executing the code, Colleague swiftly queries the knowledge base and presents only the relevant code in execution order. (Streamlining the process and improving accuracy.)

Effortlessly Analyze Data Transformation and Flow

Problem: Manually searching through code to identify inputs, outputs, and transformations in a module is time-consuming and tedious.

Solution: Colleague presents all input and output fields in a clear, organized list, accompanied by intuitive data transformation analysis tools. 


Filter to highlight output fields modified in a module.


Apply constraints to fields and filter to relevant paths.

Efficiently Analyze Conditional Execution Paths 

Problem: Manually inspecting each decision point to determine the impact of a field's value on the execution path is an arduous and time-consuming process. 

Solution: Colleague enables users to select a field, apply a condition (<, >, or =), and concentrate on targeted analysis of specific scenarios.  

Explore Alternative Execution Paths 

Problem: Identifying relevant code is only the first step. Developers must then analyze each decision point to comprehend the cause of behavior or plan effective modifications.

Solution: Colleague's Simulation Tracing allows users to toggle decision points from true to false, creating new execution paths for instant comparison.


Toggle decision points to create new execution paths.


Compare execution paths side-by-side with highlighted differences. 

Identify Differences Between Execution Paths 

Problem: Comparing two execution paths traditionally involves finding all relevant lines of code, unrolling loops, and analyzing decision points, which is tedious and prone to errors. 

Solution: Colleague enables users to change the query and compare two paths side-by-side, highlighting any differences in the lines of code.

COBOL Colleague coming soon!COBOL Colleague coming soon!COBOL Colleague coming soon!

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