Would you believe that the average software developer spends roughly 75% of their time just searching through and understanding code to make necessary changes? When software engineers have to spend so much of their time just finding and understanding legacy code, before any real work gets done, they have less time to create new solutions to move an organization forward.

Phase Change President Steve Brothers recently penned an article for the Infoworld New Tech Forum titled, "An AI alternative to code search tools," about how AI tools are becoming available to close the application knowledge gap for developers, promising to exponentially improve developer productivity across applications. Specifically, Brothers wrote about Phase Change's COBOL Colleague, an AI-driven tool that helps developers quickly gain a mental model of a COBOL codebase, and zero in on the exact code they need to change.

Read the entire article here.

Todd Erickson is a Technology Writer with Phase Change. You can reach him at terickson@phasechange.ai.