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Phase Change announces management changes in anticipation of market entry

March 10, 2021

By Todd Erickson

Phase Change Software announced a number of executive changes in anticipation of bringing its first product, COBOL Colleague, to market.

Founder and Inventor Steve Bucuvalas is stepping away from his roles as CEO and Chairman of the Board to enable him to focus all of his attention on product development and innovation, including Phase Change’s planned second product, a Java version of the company’s revolutionary platform. Steve will continue to serve on the Board of Directors.

Former President and current Board Member Gary Brach has assumed the role of CEO and will be focused on bringing COBOL Colleague to market. Former COO Steve Brothers was appointed President and will continue to be responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations.

In addition to the executive changes, the Board of Directors also elected long-time Member Don Peskin as the Chairman of the Board.


Steve Bucuvalas founded Phase Change in 2005 and has held many titles over the years, including Founder, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Steve is the Chief Inventor of Phase Change's software digitization. He brings over 40 years of experience to software productivity. Steve graduated from Harvard University in 1977 and began his software career the same year as a Bank of Boston assembly language programmer. He has led corporate advanced technology groups, specialized database management systems, and much more over the course of his career. Steve brings an interdisciplinary perspective to solving the software digitization problem. Steve currently resides in Bernalillo, New Mexico.

Gary Brach, CEO, joined Phase Change as President and Board Member in 2016. He is focused on introducing Phase Change to the market. In the software industry, Gary has over 25 years of experience primarily as a software entrepreneur in the storage and insurance industries. Gary studied at Brown University and received his MBA at the University of Chicago. Gary currently resides in Boston and is an avid tennis player.

Steve Brothers, President, joined Phase Change as the COO in 2018, bringing over 30 years of experience in technology-related organizations with leadership, technical and sales roles in industries such as financial services, healthcare and services. Previously, Steve held positions as CEO at Ajubeo and Executive Vice President and CIO for Urban Lending Solutions. Steve graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and holds a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.S. in Information Systems. Steve is a proud father of two boys, is a mentor at Galvanize and resides in Golden, CO.

Don Peskin is the Chairman of the Phase Change Board of Directors. He has been a Phase Change Board Member since November 2007. Don has more than 25 years of Wall Street and investment experience, most notably as a Managing Director and Principal at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, which he left in 1997 to pursue private investment opportunities in finance, technology, and related industries. He is the Founder and President of Short Hills Capital LLC, a privately held investment company. In addition to his principal investment activities, Don is also a Managing Member of the real-estate development firm Chatham Hills Development LLC, and he recently served as a Managing Member of Cognitive Capital Management, which was the General Partner of the Cognitive Strategic Fund.

Todd Erickson is a Technology Writer with Phase Change. You can reach him at

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Introducing Mia — the first assistive AI for software development

January 25, 2018

by Todd Erickson

Phase Change proudly presents our maiden in-house video, featuring Mia, the first assistive AI for software development.

Mia helps organizations retain the expert knowledge encoded in software. Developers, stakeholders, and executives can use this knowledge to better understand their applications and increase development productivity by a factor of 100.

Learn why founder and CEO Steve Bucuvalas first began to envision the technology and see how Mia collaborates like an expert to help users explore and comprehend their software.

Discover why one executive said, "I never thought I'd see this in my lifetime."



Todd Erickson is a tech writer with Phase Change. You can reach him at

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Phase Change enables market adaptability through impact analysis

August 4, 2017

by Todd Erickson

Gary Brach, Ken Hei, and Brad Cleavenger discuss how Phase Change's assistive AI removes the doubt associated with changing software applications.

Changing software is difficult and expensive, and it can be a major stumbling block to business innovation.

Phase Change's assistive AI will enable software teams to quickly and fearlessly address market opportunities by rapidly assessing the scope and viability of proposed software modifications, and then efficiently making changes without adding the technical debt that reduces system performance and application life span.

Todd Erickson is a tech writer with Phase Change. You can reach him at

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Phase Change will bridge application knowledge silos

July 10, 2017

by Todd Erickson

Members of Phase Change's management team address how our technology will bring together an organization's siloed application knowledge to enable faster responses to market demands.

It's a paradox. Your most successful applications get larger and more complex with updates, upgrades, and new features until they become difficult to change and adapt. Now they are hard-to-manage legacy systems that cost ever more time and money to remain valuable.

One of the main reasons applications become difficult to maintain is that knowledge silos emerge – where various people in development and other departments understand small portions of the code, but no one person knows the entire code base.

Then when you bring people together to develop new features that will address market demands or opportunities, each contributor only knows his or her portion of the application code, each person has his or her own mental model of the code, and all of that knowledge is difficult to share.

Learn how Phase Change's assistive AI agent will bridge knowledge silos by understanding the entire code base, presenting a complete and accurate model, and collaborating with engineers and stakeholders.

Todd Erickson is a tech writer with Phase Change. You can reach him at

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Phase Change creates scale-free software development – video

May 8, 2017

Learn how Phase Change's assistive AI creates scale-free software engineering and enables the development team to swiftly respond to market demands.

As software systems grow in size and complexity, they can easily become incomprehensible for individual engineers. They simply get too large and sophisticated for one person to fully understand. As more people are required to comprehend and maintain complex systems, the organization's ability to modify those systems and respond to changing market dynamics diminishes.

Watch President Gary Brach, Director of Engineering Ken Hei, and Senior Software Architect Brad Cleavenger, discuss how system scale affects the ability to modify applications and meet market demands, and how Phase change's assistive AI minimizes scale issues to create scale-free software.

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Why Phase Change will fundamentally change software development – video

April 24, 2017

Gary Brach, Ken Hei, and Brad Cleavenger discuss how Phase Change's assistive AI technology will fundamentally change how software is developed so organizations can quickly and confidently respond to changing market dynamics.

While transformative advances in automation, communications' networking, and computer processing in the last 20 years have vastly improved business operations, the same cannot be said for software development.

The process of developing the applications that now run our daily lives hasn't significantly changed since the 1970s.

Sure, we've developed better tools and better ways of communicating with one another during the development process – such agile development techniques – but the underlying software development activities are the same.

This lack of substantial improvement makes it difficult for organizations to quickly respond to changing market dynamics.

However, the future of software development is bright. Organizations will soon be able to quickly and confidently respond to changing market dynamics.

Phase Change's technology will fundamentally transform how software is developed by introducing our assistive AI into the process – enabling organizations to quickly respond to market changes and opportunities.

Watch the following video below to learn why Gary Brach, Ken Hei, and Brad Cleavenger believe Phase Change's technology will fundamentally change the software development process.

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How Phase Change’s AI impacts release management — video

January 5, 2017

Phase Change President Gary Brach leads a practical discussion with Ken Hei, director of engineering, and Brad Cleavenger, senior software architect, about how Phase Change's technology will transform release management.


Get a peek into the future of AI-assisted software development!