February 16, 2017

This is the fourth and final in a series of practical talks by founder and CEO Steve Bucuvalas about Phase Change Software, what we are developing, the math and science behind our technology, and the impact on the software development process.

Using a whimsical example of dog banking, Steve discusses how the knowledge that’s encoded in software is normalized into a data structure, which enables us to create an assistive AI and solve the learning curve problem.

Podcast Slides and References

Time Stamps Slides and References
00:11 Steve Bucuvalas Podcast – Equality: The fundamental operation for software as data -- science podcast 3 of 4
05:15 PowerPoint Slide #1: Black-box view of Dog banking application -- the user (dog) view
05:21 PowerPoint Slide #2: White-box view of Dog Banking application -- the developer view
08:30 PowerPoint Slide #3: Merging the black-box and white-box views -- Dog Banking source code sliced into functional segments