Enterprise software systems are complex and require specialized abilities and unique knowledge to update, add new features, and generally solve problems. They necessitate ongoing systems maintenance to grow and evolve, which costs your organization a significant amount of money – generally about three-quarters of your IT software budget. Unfortunately, because of the global software developer shortage, the typically brief developer average tenure at one job, and today’s inadequate source-code search tools, linters, and static and dynamic analysis tools, organizations across industries are struggling to maintain their software systems effectively.

Phase Change President Steve Brothers recently wrote an article for The Next Tech about how a novel approach to artificial intelligence (AI) software tools can help enterprises save a significant amount of time and money while minimizing the risks associated with making changes in complex software systems. The article, "Combining developer knowledge with artificial intelligence to improve software maintenance," discusses how AI and cognitive automation can automate the identification of the specific lines of code that require attention — no matter how entwined throughout the system that code might be – at machine speed. The tools also comprehend and reveal all of the upstream and downstream changes that will occur due to code modifications so developers can be confident when updating source code to add new features, fix bugs, meet regulatory requirements, and address information security concerns.

Read the entire article here.

Todd Erickson is a Technology Writer with Phase Change. You can reach him at terickson@phasechange.ai.