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Gain control over your legacy applications with an industry-changing AI.

Countless organizations continue to rely on unfashionable programming languages to power the mission-critical applications running on their mainframe systems. When the skilled programmers who wrote all of those billions of lines of code age out of the workforce or opt for new career paths, organizations increasingly struggle to understand the systems they use and support every day. Without the departing specialized domain knowledge of the industry and institution, years of acquired knowledge are left opaque and encoded in the apps, and organizations struggle to effectively and efficiently maintain and support their complex critical systems.

Frequently, systems are not well documented, organized, or structured, and changes made over time have left those systems cumbersome, with functionality spread throughout the source code. Developers new to such systems spend entirely too much time trying to understand the previous developers’ intent and finding the exact source code in the code base that requires changing.

Our solution, COBOL Colleague™, employs a unique artificial intelligence approach to unlock and activate software’s encoded knowledge from millions of lines of code.

By conceptualizing what the computation represents, COBOL Colleague quickly directs new developers to the relevant subset of code that needs to be altered — an immediate step toward closing the knowledge gap. Developers interact with a virtual agent the same way they collaborate with subject-matter experts, eliminating the need to manually search through millions of lines of code to identify the behavior that they seek to modify.

COBOL Colleague is not like your father’s static and dynamic analysis tools — it’s much more! COBOL Colleague utilizes machine reasoning on your applications to accelerate human understanding, with zero brain drain and 100% confidence of change.

By allowing companies to focus developers on what brings the most value — making code changes — COBOL Colleague exponentially improves software development productivity and makes new developers seven times more effective. There truly is nothing in the industry like it.

"As programmers either retire or leave for new jobs, that living human understanding of
why the software was written the way it was gets gradually forgotten."

Neel Krishnaswami
Programming Languages Researcher, Cambridge University

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