December 16, 2020

By Todd Erickson

Due to the social restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, our annual company Holiday Party was in jeopardy of cancellation, including our "White Elephant Gift Exchange" that filled the party room with an afternoon of good-natured trash talk and humor.

So, as so many organizations and families have done this year, we adapted. We took the party online and swapped the White Elephant Gift Exchange for a "Steal the Card!" gift card exchange.

We also recognized the importance of supporting local businesses during this unsettled economic time by purchasing all of our employee-appreciation gifts and gift cards from Colorado merchants. We found a myriad of creative Colorado merchants with unequaled craftsmanship, and we decided to share our list in hopes that others would also support our Colorado neighbors and community members.

Let us know if you are interested in how we put together our Zoom holiday party and "Steal the Card!" online gift-card exchange.

Todd Erickson is a Technology Writer with Phase Change. You can reach him at