Phase Change's ground-breaking technology exponentially
improves productivity and conceptually componentizes software

Empower Exponential Productivity Gains

The Phase Change cognitive-computing platform and collaborative AI agent reveals your applications' embedded knowledge and collaborates with software developers using an interactive and visual interface to solve application problems. It makes every member of your development team significantly more productive.

Our market-entry product, COBOL Colleague, solves a critical problem facing enterprises,the loss of mainframe application knowledge. Colleague unravels spaghetti code, identifies software concepts, and decodes business knowledge so developers new to an application collaborate with Colleague to be competent and productive day one.

Divide and Conquer

Phase Change's human-centric perspective of software development creates exponential productivity growth by focusing on intelligence augmentation and human-machine collaboration.

The cognitive agent attains complete application comprehension and conceptual understanding, as if it were an expert colleague, and interacts with the software team through intuitive visualizations and natural language. This enables software teams to divide the software development process, with the participants focused in their area of strength.

The human guides the development process with his or her deep understanding of the business domain while the cognitive agent uses its complete understanding of the software knowledge and intent to assist by answering queries and collaboratively locating and solving problems.

The cognitive agent will also be able to observe the software team and absorb the acquired knowledge as they develop applications.

By dividing the development labor between the software team and the collaborative agent, you engage each team member's strengths and exponentially improve efficiency and productivity.

Agent-assisted Software Development
Exponentially Improves Productivity

software developers


Tribal knowledge is never lost. Reduce complexity. Find code in  seconds. Understand its purpose. Visualize the relationships and dependencies. Fearlessly make changes. Truly reuse existing code, not just cut and paste.

Project Team

Analysts can easily identify the encoded knowledge and human intent. Project Managers and QA engineers quickly understand change impact and scope.


Gain a complete understanding of the organization's software portfolio. Make decisions to mitigate risk based on precise understanding. Leverage existing coding assets for productivity and profit. Rationalize disparate systems.

Creating a New Software Ecosystem

Phase Change's application digitization and normalization will create a new software ecosystem.

By creating conceptual software components that can be recognized, abstracted, and stored in central repositories without human labor or intervention and without regard for the programming language in which it was encoded, this technology will materially disrupt the current approach to software development and create new markets and communities.

  • Software vendors will sell more flexible and customized applications
  • In-house development will push-out curated and customized code much faster
  • Do-it-yourself software entrepreneurs will build minimal-viable-product (MVP) custom applications that are dramatically more robust and at exponentially lower price-performance points.

"I've always felt that the human-centered approach
to computer science leads to more interesting,
more exotic, more wild, and more heroic adventures."

Jaron Lanier

software developers

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