April 24, 2019 - Comments Off on The cost of fixing COBOL bugs

The cost of fixing COBOL bugs

April 24, 2019

by Greg Brueggeman

COBOL maintenance costs are rising as aging developers leave the workforce and well-trained replacements are in short supply.

Learn about how pervasive COBOL-based applications remain, why the supporting developer workforce is shrinking every year, and scrutinize our estimates of how high these applications' maintenance costs are rising.


COBOL was adopted by the business world starting in 1960, and because of its simplicity and reliability, COBOL-based applications remain entrenched in mainframe-dependent industries such as government and finance. The Social Security Administration (SSA) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rely on approximately 110 million lines of COBOL code combined daily. An estimated $3 trillion a day and 90% of all ATM and in-person financial transactions are handled by COBOL-supported systems.

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