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December 27, 2018 - Comments Off on Sheilagh Park-Hatley joins Phase Change as Director of Software Quality Assurance

Sheilagh Park-Hatley joins Phase Change as Director of Software Quality Assurance

December 27, 2018

by Todd Erickson

Phase Change Software announced that Sheilagh Park-Hatley joined the company in September as the director of software quality assurance. She will focus on enhancing our software quality engineering.

“As a career-long user of code analysis tools, I’m excited about what Phase Change can do in that space, and limitless others,” Sheilagh said.

Prior to joining Phase Change, Sheilagh served as the vice president of technology and senior director of quality assurance for the Equifax Denver, Colo., office, where she led a technology team of business analysts, developers, and testers for the Property, Data, and Analytics Group.

Before her career at Equifax, she was the director of QA/Test for Intellireal LLC, a real-estate intelligence software solutions provider to the financial services industry. Intellireal was acquired by Equifax in August 2011.

Sheilagh trained in software testing under Ross Collard at the University of California at Berkeley and earned the designation of Certified Software Test Engineer from the International Software Quality Institute. She is a senior member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Software Division, a past board member of the Software Quality Association of Denver (SQuAD), and a contributing member ISO Subcommittee for Quality Systems that revamped the ISO 9001 standard in 2001

Sheilagh also studied creative writing at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Todd Erickson is a tech writer with Phase Change Software. You can reach him at

December 19, 2018 - Comments Off on Phase Change unveils COBOL website

Phase Change unveils COBOL website

December 18, 2018

by Todd Erickson

Phase Change announces the addition of a new website – The website will support the company's initial product, COBOL Colleague, the first cognitive tool for software development, by targeting organizations that rely on COBOL-based applications for critical business operations.

The CodeCatalyst website details the problems faced by organizations with COBOL-based applications, such as a vanishing workforce, failed program conversions, and massive and complex code bases, and shows how COBOL Colleague assists developers and stakeholders in solving them.

COBOL Colleague reads-in the source code, extracts the embedded concepts, discovers the dependencies, reveals the buried knowledge, and becomes an expert that never tires and never leaves.

Natural-language-interaction enables developers and stakeholders with limited COBOL experience to collaborate with he cognitive agent and efficiently work with their COBOL-based applications.

Find bugs and dead code in seconds, not minutes or hours. Make changes with full knowledge of the downstream impact. Confidently add new features, products, and services. Empower anyone with a basic understanding of COBOL to interact and engage with your COBOL applications.

Everything you dreamed of in COBOL-based environments is now a reality. Visit the website at

*Todd Erickson is a tech writer with Phase Change Software. You can reach him at